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For most bikers, the quest for maximum power and performance is endless. Lots of aftermarket options are out there carburetors, cams, heads, etc.

Many riders have tried various combinations of these and other accessories, with varying degrees of success. Often the performance upgrade isnt what was expected, or it comes at the cost of reliability.


Has changed all that.

With most automakers



technology into their


production models for

several years now, and

as emission regulations

Keep tightening, supercharging has become the most reliable and cost-effective way to increase performance.

Our revolutionary bolt-on design is unique in the motorcycle aftermarket. It does not require any major modifications to a stock bike, and can be installed quickly and easily, by a person of average mechanical ability and no special tools.

All Magnacharger units are manufactured to the highest standards and use Eaton rotor groups, the standard for excellence in the automotive performance industry.Magnacharger has made the Evolution™ truly evolve to

the next level of performance.

We offer three styles of blowers for the Evo, Twin Cam™, Yamaha Road Star™, and most aftermarket engines.

All kits come with billet air cleaners, your choice of our standard polish or powder-coated and carry the best warranty you will find on any Harley™ aftermarket product!

The Standard finned blower features highlighted fins to match your stock engine. Using high-temp black wrinkle powder coating, this unit complements any stock bike, and makes it run like it was meant to! (Unit may also be polished for a small fee).

The Hot Street Magnacharger is designed for the hot rodder, and utilizes the traditional supercharger look. This kit can be used on any engine, from 74 to 156 cubic inches, and is ideal for all aftermarket engines. We can customize your Hot Street to any carb setup, including custom dual intake systems.

The Hot Street is cast from high-quality 356T6 aircraft aluminum, and comes standard polished or powder-coated. The insets can be fully polished for a small fee

The Billet Magnacharger features billet housings which are CNC machined from solid blocks of high-quality 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum. Every piece is painstakingly polished to the highest level of quality, and assembled with chromed hardware. If youre building a custom or show bike, or if you just have an appreciation for the finer toys in life, then this is the blower for you.

Magnacharger is continually expanding its product line, and we are currently offering performance upgrade kits for the Honda Valkyrie and the Yamaha V-Max and Road Star. Prototypes for the Honda Gold Wing and Harley Sportster are in development as well as

he V-Max kit (at left) turns a hot bike into a smokin machine The Valkyrie unit (at right) provides incredible performance while being safely tucked away in the frame of the bike.

MagnaCharger the world's leader in superchargers for Motorcycles. The easiest, least expensive way to increase Torque and Horsepower.

This 1999 Harley Davidson FXDX Twin Cam With stock Heads, Pistons and Cam. Produced 105 FT. Lbs of Torque, and 107 Horsepower. The only addition was a Crane Hi-4 ignition, Screamin Eagle Mufflers, and a MagnaCharger SuperCharger.

We at MecTec also have our own special designad

Camshafts, and on a 88" softail Twin Cam with

Minor porting on the exhaust port,our camshafts

Daytona TwinTec ignition it produced 115HP & 111LBS of

Torque at the rearwheel on our Dynojet model 250

Several of our kits are illustrated below.

MagnaCharger Models are available for Harley Davidson (Shovel-Head, Evolution, TwinCam, soon for the V-Rod), Yahama (V-Max & Roadstar), and Honda Valkyrie. Several of our kits are shown below.

SuperCharging the Future!


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